Discover a Natural Moisturizer

Discover a Natural Moisturizer

The skin’s natural moisturizer and lubricant is called sebum. It is produced by the sebaceous glands. Sometimes, there is an imbalance in sebum production, resulting in some oily spots and some that are excessively dry. Luckily, there are ways to correct the imbalance.

First, you need to be careful not to over-clean your skin. The gentlest cleansers and even plain tap water will strip the skin of its sebum. That can cause several problems.

For people that have naturally dry skin, it will make it drier. For people that have naturally oily skin, it can cause increased sebum production, which makes it even oiler. For people that have acne, the increased sebum production can cause inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which causes pimples.

We all have to wash our faces. Women that use makeup should wash it off before bed. But, over-cleansing is very common in industrialized societies.

Dermatologists see a lot of problems that are due to over-cleansing. They recommend that you use a cleanser only when necessary. Otherwise, warm water and a clean cloth are good enough.

Every time that we wash our faces, we should be using a natural face moisturizer. One that contains grape seed oil is a good choice for daytime use. It contains essential fatty acids that are very similar to those found in sebum. Because of that, it is quickly absorbed and it has a unique filming ability. The invisible film helps to lock moisture in.

Grape seed oil is a good base cream for a variety of different anti-aging ingredients. Regardless of how young you are, you would be wise to use products that help delay the signs of age. It’s good for your appearance and it’s good for your skin’s health.

Shea butter is an excellent natural moisturizer, but there are many different grades.

Some of them are far better than others. Assuming that the manufacturer is using a good grade, it is a good choice for nighttime use, just a little too heavy for use during the day.

Shea butter has what is referred to as a “healing quotient”, because of all of the different nutrients that it contains. It has been used for centuries in some countries for skin ailments ranging from acne to eczema and psoriasis. It was never used for medicinal purposes in the US, primarily because the nuts it comes from are found primarily in Africa.

Another good natural face moisturizer is avocado extract. It contains sterolins that are known to reduce age-related brown spots. It is also a source of vitamin A, which is beneficial in acne and helpful for reducing wrinkles. One study showed that the use of creams containing avocado stimulated the production of collagen, something that normally decreases with age.

That is why the better anti-aging creams contain a variety of different antioxidants, too. One of the most potent is coenzyme Q10. It has been shown to increase the moisture content of sun-damaged skin by about 30%. What more could you ask of a natural moisturizer? Now, you know what to look for.

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